The Silence of Death

The Death and the Sea

When talking about the water we always think about it as a crucial resource for life, but the immensity of the water opposes to life and resembles the obscurity of death instead. When we submerge in the ocean we hear nothing but a dead silence, we carry nothing but the weight of our bodies, and we feel nothing but fear of the unknown that hides in the deep water. Indeed, death is just like submerging in a deep sea leaving tons of waste material on the surface and washing our souls from all the superficiality of the land.

A photo by Hugo Kerr.
The Obscurity of Death (image courtesy of Unsplash)

The silence of under the water is the same silence of death, it is a leak of sound that comes from the inside to the outside and the moment when we are involved by a pressure that carries us and keeps us stable, but at the same time makes us ecstatic and  imprisoned. In the silence of the water, we can hear our heart beating, while in the silence of death we can hear the shrill sound of our burdens in life.

”It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”
—J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The fear of the sea is the same fear of the death. We don’t fear the fishes or the flow of the water, we actually fear the immensity, the unknown, the powerless feeling of not being able to move. This applies to how we feel about death, because we don’t spend our whole lives avoiding death because of what we already know about it, like all the medical theories and the cycle of life; we fear what we don’t know about our own deaths, about where we go after the end, if there is a continuation… we fear not knowing what’s next.